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Michael Dugan
Real Estate Investor

I have been to many seminars, and I can honestly say that I have never attended one that was so rich with real, practical information, and left me with the feeling that "Yes!" this is achievable!
Founder and CEO Independence Title
I have had the pleasure of completing many closing with Lex Levinrad over the past 8 years. As a title agent, I have personally seen Lex buy, fix, rent, wholesale and flip many, many single family residential homes in South Florida. I have also seen many of his students successfully wholesale their first, second and third wholesale deals with Lex as their mentor. Lex is a full time real estate investor as well as a landlord with millions of dollars of rental properties and he practices what he teaches. Lex can teach you how to buy distressed real estate with no money down, how to wholesale, and how to fix and flip houses. If you are looking for a mentor with real life experience Lex would be a great choice.

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Title Insurance Tips And Secrets
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